Tuesday, July 19

FLIGHT (13 July)

Finally after weeks of waiting, the New York trip rolled along and before I know it, my ass
was plonked for a 23-hours journey in the air to the Big Apple. Granted that I had a four-hours
transit in Hong Kong, the entire flight experience was far from pleasant. Trust me when I say
that I am definitely elated to have the opportunity to be a lone traveller but the long flight
in the economy bunk was making me a bratty girl, especially during the last 2 hours of the

I briefly spoke to a nice Hong Kee uncle who was Brooklyn-bound when we were about to land.
The excitement of what's to come was too great for me then. Cookie was right outside my
arrival gate waiting for me when the immigration officer granted me the chop for my Big Apple

I was glad that I specifically requested for the low-calorie meal option when the bookings were
made. The light food was pleasing for the stomach on the long flights and I managed to escape
any constipation or gastric troubles, unlike the Cookie.

For now, I am sure that I will not be looking forward to the return flight. The thought of
being away from the Cookie saddens me and I forecast an equally long and painful flight back
home where I will need to start life proper.

For now, I shall soak in the sights, breathe in the Big Apple air and ENJOY all while I can!




Will continue in due course on whatever we have done in the first week in the BIG APPLE!

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