Wednesday, August 3

Day 1 in New York

By the time I caught up with Cookie at JFK airport, it was already 2pm. By then, he was already
in a irritable mood and I can't blame him for that since (1) he had been waiting for me for over an
hour (2) he himself had to survive a long and tough flight, made no less stressful by screaming
babies just few seats away.

Us being street-smart and tough young people quickly figured out the tickets and right train
routes to bring us to the Financial District (or more affectionately known as FiDi to the New
Yorkers), where we will call home for the next three weeks. For the boy, six weeks that is.
It was about an hour+ journey with a couple of subway station transfers in between.

Now here was the part when we realised that we cannot assume Manhattan and SG to be the
same. For one, there were no escalators in most of the stations! We ended up lugging our
luggage up and down the various steps. It was tough to be honest but all I could think of was our
final destination - "Bowling Green station! 20 West Street!".

I swore I will always remember the moment when we stepped out of the station and me
breathing in the first gasp of city air. It felt... great. I know that word is a gross understatement.
The apartment block was a couple of streets away from the subway station and by the time
we settled down and checked everything that we were supposed to have in the apartment,
it was already 4pm.

The apartment ain't perfect but it was cosy and well, I guess I am pretty much missing it
already. We took really good care of it though I almost burned the curtains (and the entire
apartment) on two separate occasions.

What I loved best is the location! Conveniently within walking distance to a few subway lines,
our apartment also offered superb views of Hudson River, Battery Park and a mini frame of
Statue of Liberty. Furthermore, we were at the fringe of FiDi and had a pharmacy and grocery
store just at the next blocks.

Strangely, we were feeling quite buzzed and we checked out the nearby streets. I remembered
feeling too excited and looking forward this island to feel sleepy and jetlagged at all. We grabbed
some sushi for dinner and chanced upon a summer rain, which was supposedly rare in NYC.
How lucky, we thought, as a rainbow appeared across the skyline. I marvelled at all the sights
and sounds and enjoyed that moment of peace with Cookie. The sun was still shining its last
few moments at 8pm!

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