Sunday, June 5

Sleepless nights ensue this vital week as the news will come and decisions will be made.
To be honest, I was being honest when I told the cookie to go all out for the plan.
I must admit that part of me wondered how I would be able to plough through the days
with him halfway round the world, should he clinched the prize.

That said, I would want nothing more for him to finally be rewarded for his determination
and patience to relentlessly persue his passion and dreams. I believe he is also the reason
why I had the guts and whatever motivation to "do something" about my life at the moment.
It is not bad but not great either.
To complain about my life now would be a crime considering how much I have.

My cup is not full but it is not exactly empty either, no?

Still, I am itching for new experiences and learning curves. Watch this space as I thrust myself
into never-been-there situations! Haha. Honestly, who knows what the future holds for us?
But we are the captain of our lives and only we can steer ourselves to the direction we want
to see us go. The waters may be choppy but I am prepping the sails! ;)

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