Monday, June 6


There is only so much to say about the much-debatable "pounds" issue when another spread
featuring another body shape appears in the glossy. Shot by Steven Meisel for the June 2011
issue of Vouge Italia, the models - Candice Huffine, Tara-Lynn, Marquita Pring and Robyn
Lawley have capulated the evergreen topic of models' shapes and sizes to the top of the
grapevine once again.

Why should there be such a fuss in the first place? If these girls are indeed the "real" and
"everyday" females, why the interest again? Are we really looking at how the practiced craft
of the photographer in this spread? Besides, a fashion magazine is meant to inspire fashion
choices and not body sizes. Yes, things might not be the case in mind anymore but let's refresh
this thought. I guess as long as the chase for "size zero" is on, we will give that extra gasp and
interest to such a spread.

Curves issues aside, I am in love with each and single shot as they celebrate the true meaning
of being a woman. Every model indeed skilfully marry sensuality and feminity with their bold
and dangeorous curves. There is something intriguingly familiar with this all as we must
remember what once was "vere belle". Well, that must have been tossed with the wind through
time but it does not take more than a sensational spread like this to remind and charm us again.


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