Thursday, November 4

i whacked the "chats" on friday, board the bus to genting on sunday,
and then wham - the good news came on tuesday!

i got to admit that i tried my darnest best to enter the rooms with
much heck-care attitude as per advice from ms sue and chabor.
it was much difficult trust me and true enough, i found myself downing
the kopiS and reading my notes prior meeting the future new bosses.

i got to say that i had nothing to lose and there were pros and cons
for each places. the first was a little wee out of the way (fushionopolis
anyone?) and the travelling honestly kills. however, once i stepped into
the office that sunny fridee morning, holey moley - i never felt like i
belonged elsewhere. i love how there was abundant sunshine and instead
of super private rooms, managers dwelled in glass boxes instead. giant tv
screens showed the latest above everyone's heads tho not many battled an
eyelid at them and instead were all focused in whatever's in their macbooks.
i sat there and relished in the atmosphere for awhile before i was whisked
off to speak to the ang moh manager whom asked me the most random
questions like whether i can make laksa. i was sure he was not expecting me
to be the resident cook/ baker and tho i thought my answers were pretty
satisfactory, i was gutted at the end of the whole thing. i knew i was going to
bid bye to the prospect. don't ask me why because it was just a moment of
intuition. and most of the time, it's right.

i was due to report for another soon after and after having my nerves
wrecked and confidence shaken that morning, i had a long lone lunch and
then succumbed to that cup of yuan yang which i always have before any
session. i drank and went through my notes again, running through my
mental lists of personal strengths and weaknesses for the umpteenth time.
I am very weak at remembering my strengths i must say. i met the new
people before i knew it. thanks to the caffeine (and carbs), words came out
smoother than i thought tho i must admit i stumped at the question of why
i am switching what i am doing currently after a relative short period of time.
i gave my honest answer and thought my reply was not convincing enough.
but there, i said it. and after more than 40 minutes, i said the "thank you,
goodbye, hear from you again", and was out.

to new beginnings!

no matter how tough they are, the only constant is change.

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