Sunday, May 30

Welcome to Ms Jo's interesting life.

Oh wait, there is pretty nothing much interesting going on right now because she has sold her
entire life and soul to big bro IBM. Weekend nights have been dedicated to clearing the back-
log that never seems to diminish and the fresh tsunami of emails waiting for her follow-ups.
She is still trying to dig out some empty pockets of her time to upload her entire month of
photos taken in May, although they are the same o same o - ie. photos of food glorious FOOD!

Not that she's complaining also, food for Jo is always the best therapy. She met new friends,
caught up with the old, and went to good shopping trips with the best. Oh, and she even ma-
naged to knock down 3 to-go makan places in a short span of 3 days. I know that she's very
proud of the fact considering that she still has a long long list of makan places that she
always wanted to check it out. But then again, I seriously doubt she will venture more new
places since it's June in two days time. June will be the scary month filled with many many
birthdays but it's ok since birthdays = meet-ups, feasting, celebration... and CAKES!

Twiddling my thumbs in excitement at the prospect of the start of the new month already!

Too many emails, too little time.