Tuesday, May 18

The past week was really a one hell of a ride. I understand that I cannot attribute all the
negativity to dayima, but I was more than serious when I said that it was affecting the way
get about everything. The period, or more affectionately known as dayima, has once again
wrecked havoc. The inevitable monthly affair that knocks you down with so much might that
Max Brenner can only cure so much emoness sometimes. But still, I guess understanding
that this is a problem is better than being oblivious and allowing it to happen to me month
after month.

I will do something about it, although not to the extent of extracting this river inside me
but perhaps I can tame the emo monster and being more aware.

And I must admit that the news hit me quite badly. That was one factor.

Other than that, I must emphasized that work is not just an excuse for making me really
sian and nua all the time. When you are expected to deliver accurately the main bulk of the
day, you can't help being on your toes and being serious even after-hours. This sucks
and is one big evil cycle. Tiredness bear greater stress and it all comes back together.

At this point of time, I don't even know what I want. My mind is just tempting me to just sit
still. Stop for a while and smell the flowers (or freshly baked cookies).

Well, I have been hitting the track again after a long hiatus. Being on the running track
(literally) makes me feel I'm back on track. And besides, I got the drunken immunity from
cookie for mustdrinkfridays I guess.

Timbre beckons!

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BeauMiddleton11淑君 said...

很期待新的內容,幫你推個文^^ .............................................