Wednesday, March 10


1) This week, I should be getting the results of the interview I attended a month ago. I am not
really complaining that they are keeping me kan chiong and all, but the suspense is really
killing me! The long waiting time has made me quite relaxed and less stressed whether I will
get the job in the end but I guess if I do get the chance to get my signature on the paper,
I will officially join the workforce proper and start earning some serious moolahs. Yippee,
you bet I am looking forward to some OT and burned weekends.

2) Brad Ladyironchef is inviting readers for a Pizza Hut Food Tasting Session next Thursday
and I was thinking that it's high time I meet the friend. I shoot the email over during
work today and looks like I will get to exchange some words with him very soon. I am very
excited and nervous at the same time you bet. It's like meeting a celebrity since LIC is
one of the longest food bloggers that I followed for some time.

3) It's going to be a fun-packed week ahead. Alice In Wonderbra with the boss tomorrow,
plus we're going to check out her Miu Miu in stores. Timbre with the Talkcocksingsong peeps
on Thursday. Come Fri, we're going to meet again for more Alice cos lucky Leo has some free
tickets! Cookie isn't very pleased with my busy social life after hours, but I reckon he
can do with more time with his MCAT-love at home.

4) Jack Neo's scandal! It was really juicy at first but the more they expose the details,
the more I think that it is just another publicity stunt. Still, it has been some time since
the SG entertainment scene has seen some quake that garnered that much talking points so
kudos for that. But still, shame on you JN. "Sex Not Enough At 50".

5) Say "Hello" to Mojojojo!