Saturday, March 13

A truckload worth of backlog photos from last week! Generally, life has been more exciting
with MOJO around but life is still quite grey and empty without Facebook.

I am not addicted to Facebook. I am not addicted to Facebook. I am not addicted to Facebook.

There are still no news from the Facebook team and I hope that I am at least in the waiting
list for the staff to entertain. No news from FB and no news from WDA yet too. The suspense
is killing me! Well at least, Chabor will be glad to know that I will be meeting Jeremy on
Monday! Well, the prospect of working together with her is really good and I cannot wait to
start seeing some digits ka-ch$ing into my piggy bank too. Cookie's ban on me shopping
is no fun but I know this will do me well. I will tahan...

Sunday family dinner

Monday was the day I had my MOJO. Sister was kind enough to go to the shop to get it with me
and we had Starbucks chocolate cream frappe and Prima Deli's chocolate waffle to accompany
us when we decided to walk home from Sengkang.

Caught Alice In Wonderbra with the boss and Nana. We decided to catch it 3D version. I was
so glad to watch this in 3D and it was quite a refreshing experience I must say. Next up,
Clash of Titans in 3D!

I got my surprise on Thursday! I still need to hinthint the Cookie about the macarons
but at
least he got it this time. Hurhur. 6 flavors down, 19 to go! HAHA!

And later at night, thanks to Leo's better-than-mine organizing skills, we have a full-house
attendance at Fisherman's Wharf and Timbre! Oh, an almost full one that is cos Greg must be
somewhere with another girl haha. Leo, as always, is still very accident prone. I will never
look at dustbins and toothpaste the same way again. No Macs fries for supper
cos the
rest need to work tomorrow but at least I took leave for Friday!

What I did on Friday instead of working.

I should do this more often. It was great forgetting about the $ and emails and just wake up
late to go for my eggs brunch. Since the IT show was just around the corner, I took the chance
to pop by to check out the HDDs and there were indeed sold at a more attractive price! It
was rather funny seeing all the zai nan coming out to play and get more gadgets haha.

Also had my Friday afternoon scoop at B&J and Green Zone. I have grown a liking for war films
recenty, after catching The Hurt Locker early this year and although Up In The Air was my
first choice initially, I was super glad I caught Green Zone instead. Must watch!

Say Hi to MOJO! :)

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