Saturday, February 13

Dong Dong Qiang!

Oh Chabor, here is the pink daisy I drew for you! I owe you a real one ok...

I was supposed to do a proper update but no surprises here, I procrastinated again. I should be in the cool
Bakri by now but who knew that there would be a last-minute change of plans and me should be on the road
only about eight hours later. As of now, sis and I are still in the midst of packing. I have been on the same
task for about an hour plus now. Don't ask me the reason why I cannot seem to get it all done, because I
don't know too! There is always something somewhere that I will forget to take with me every year and it
is priority that I make sure I pack everything properly. Of course, Alfie is going with me too.

Brother is lovesick because the girlfriend is somewhere with a 'friend', and I shall not go into the nit-grit. Mom
is satisfied with her midnight grocery shopping and is properly hitting the sack soon. Dad, as usual is enjoy-
ing his nightly can of beer; I would be too since there is like an endless supply of Carlsberg thanks to the
cooke who bought a warehouse worth.

Anyway, Happy CNY to all. I seriously have no idea what it is like to spend CNY in Singapore since I am
away with the Muar otah, durians and firecrackers every year. Hopefully, I get to catch a movie this year
since the tickets are super cheap and it's quite nice to watch those HK CNY films dubbed in the canto glor-
iness. Other than food, food and more food, hopefully I can get a nice break from the internet, play with
luck with blackjack, and catch up with the unclesaunties.

Oh and of course, Happy Valentine's Day.... One year ago, we had the very interesting Black Singles Party
at Timbre and who would have guessed that a series of unfortunate events would have occurred in the span of
one year. Still, I believed that 2010 had started rather smooth for most of us - with all the pieces falling in quite
nicely. Whether you have a special guy/gal/lover/dog/cat to spend this day with you, hope that you will be
happy. Roses will wilt, good food will be passed out, words may be empty promises, but be good to yourself
on this day. Go have that treat you always wanted or get that bag you have been eyeing. Nobody owes you
the happiness you deserve!

It will be gym-chionging for me after this CNY but for now, bak kwa and pineapple tarts here I come! :)

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