Wednesday, February 17

Big Money $$!

Dad has visited the IR and I think he is lovin' it there. No doubt that he has won some cash from our
friendly neighbour, but I still hope that I will not have to make my threat to put his name on the ban
list a reality... Taking leave to visit the tables is just a little too enthusiastic.

And right now, just downstairs, there is a mini IR right at my doorstep as the unclesaunties are gathered and
opening their own table, hoping to win that little extra for their pocket. Me? I am done with losing whatever's
left. Of course, my debt to cookie and my new manhattan portage purchase is nagging my at the back of my
mind to stop. It doesn't help that Lady Luck is not on my side this week, when it comes to cards and tiles that is.

It's the interview again tomorrow. I rather concentrate whatever luck I am left with here.

Drive-in movie this Saturday if plans go well! :)

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