Thursday, September 3


I'm quite ashamed of my film loot this year, although the figures of previous
years were not any better since I was on savesavesave mode. Still, I am going
to try my best to make my "Watch 100 films in 2009" big fab plan happen!

If you notice, I am still missing "Up" in the list and surprise surprise, I am
not that keen to catch Final Destination 4 on the big screen. The 3D factor is
tempting me I must say but why waste the precious 1.5 hours of paycheck on it
if I am going to hide behind my fingers more than 75% of the show.

Hiding at home to catch up on my movies and bake bake bake during the weekends
seemed like the tentative good plans for the moment. I do itch to to go out
there and catch up with all the people I need to meet.

When was the last time I actually drinkdrankdrunk? Nevermind, I got the whole
weekend to nurse a hangover.


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