Wednesday, September 2


Dinner time at 10pm after the Beth Cooper just now. It was crap but I ain't
complaining since I only paid for the popcorn, which was awesome Cathay's by
the way. In case you are going to chide me for eating popcorn again (again),
may I remind you that I have every excuse to have the popcorn in its caramel-
gooey-crunchy gloriness since it's a Tuesday and I worked till 2030 last night.

Haven't I mention before that I have every excuse to eat?

Anyway random thoughts during my dinner:

I am re-beliving in my belief that all men are out to cheat the girls.
Maybe the smart independent "women" can escape the evil clutches of men, but
not the "girls". After assessing my past two decades of love track record (or
rather lack of), I must admit I fall into the latter group. I should be one of
those classic "girls" who are gullible and am willing to please. Men, if you
want our money, go earn your own bread. If you want the boobs, go plant your own.
If you are bored, it is definitely not our fault. If you have nothing to give,
please leave us alone and leave.

I simply am in love with red bean, or more specifically japanese azkuki -
and with skin please. Although they are generically the same, I detest the
Chinese counterpart, "ang dao sa" or red bean paste. That is why I do not buy
the red bean buns but custard buns instead. Red bean bread, red bean ice, red
bean potong, red bean mochi, red bean ice blend, red bean matcha, red bean
milk tea. You get the point. Speaking of which, I am very addicted to Breadtalk's
new red bean bun. Look out for the round one with a small stalk of edible pink
flower on the top.

I was thinking, I have survived about two months of life without xiaohei.
Before you go on and speculate what xiaohei is, it is the most (or rather
"once") important material object I own - my ipod! I used to really rely on
it and I thought before I would rather be allergic to bread overnight than lose
my ipod with all the soundtracks and songs that I so painstakingly downloaded
and collected over the years. Ok I sound proud of that, but believe me I am guilty
as charged for being a virtual pirate. Anyway the point was I think I lost my
xiaohei, and I moved on - well. I am doing ok. I still get about my everyday
routine without an ipod and can eatsleepshit as usual. I guessed being reliant
on somebody/ something is my habit and I got to stop doing that subconsciously.
I played cheat though. I replaced xiaohei with a more handsome playstation, which
does more than just play music. I can now listen to my Taylorswift, plus watch
We Got Married, and jam on Rock Band Unplugged all in one console. A new
replacement and distraction baby, now that is what I am talking about. Xiaohei,
you have served me well and will be dearly missed still but I got to move on.

Obligation - I hate it. I hate myself for doing things out because I need to.
I hate it when others entertain me out of obligation.

I have put Bella's Lullaby on loop and I am not sick of it yet.
The night air smells stale and nice tonight.
I ought to shut up and sleep early to meet my knight.

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