Tuesday, July 21

- MSN is a neccessity, not a want.
- It is important to have your own cubicle.
- It is helpful that you have a nice boy your age as a neighbour.
- Especially after how he gave me Ya Kun vouchers as a welcome gift.
- Plus he stocks up on Reeses in his desk to satisfy the 4pm snacking monster.
- Which brings me to the point how glad I am that Ya Kun is just a stone throw away.
- I hate cliques in the office.
- Somehow the drama among the Lenovo colleagues is more interesting.
- My boss is a Xinmin PLUS Nanyang alum.
- And I am officially missing TinTin and Miss Bak Chor Mee.
- If IBM had called back earlier instead of last morning, I would probably be with the chabors at the Changi end.
- E-books are good to pass the boredom. I need to finish Twilight.
- Clean microwaves yay! Free flow milo yay yay!
- Finally see the difference between a Cefiro and Slyphy on the roads.
- And nope, still don't know what brand of coffee Mr Lee drinks.

I am so not independent. People here have been friendly enough towards me but I miss being with crazy people my kind like in Freeflowbread, Lenovo and even RE. Surprise surprise. MSN-ing with the chabors is the only thing that keeps me sane and focused for work. Kinda ironic I know but I am feeling quite out of sorts, needy, dependent - everything I should not be right now. If I have it my way, I surely would not mind just keeping to myself for the eightpointfive hours. Just that the circumstances do not allow this.

Perhaps I should stop thinking how different things will be if IBM had called that slightly earlier.
No doubt that I am experiencing and learning more here but it gets lonely sometimes.

Plus, I wished VIP would email me earlier instead of yesterday evening.
Right now, it seems a little impossible to do a food article by 2 days, as much as I want it (both the credit and the food of course).

I cannot wait to meet my two chabors for some Harry Potter loving. Is it true that there is a little too much of romance in the movie? Hmm.

Anyway I watched Twilight for the second time on the way to work and back home yesterday and I must say it is much more enjoyable this time. Not to say that it was not good previously, but after watching the movie and listening to the soundtrack this time together, it is something kind of wonderful. Each scene became better as the respective song in the soundtrack came rolling. Supermassive black hole, flightless bird, lullaby...

I need answers!

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