Monday, April 27

Matcha Azuki

is the best combination god-knows-who invented. It has always been my secret addiction. I bet on the chances that this strange partnership originates from the japuneese but whatever idea they had when they came up with this, it is a sure-win, at least for me!

I was in cold storage, intending to grab a oolong tea when I saw this at the Jollibean entrance. Whatever the reason is, I want to smack myself for not giving an extra glance at the store in the past. It must be my loyalty to Mr Bean I believe. Still, I have found a new reason to visit CP more than ever now, since there is a new love other than Prima Deli chocolate waffles.

Anyway, they have this magical drink call the J Special, and it is basically green tea soy ice blended, topped with Japanese red bean. The Jollibeaners have sweetened the deal by giving a promo of adding a round pancake at 70cents off. If you're asking me, any discount at this tough times is good news. I'm jumping with joy already.


I like to take this as the more economical alternative for my matcha azuki desserts at Kyoto Sabo AJITEI and the matcha icecream with azuki waffle at Shokudo.

I cannot wait to try the dark chocolate soy, mocha soy, coffee soy as well! As the blistering heat wave continues, I will be more than willing to spend my cash on this other than some random syrup concoction.

Craving already.

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Anonymous said...

what a lovely photo!!

i love love love this too and its the only thing i buy at jollibean. :p i used to shun jollibean too because i like mrbean more! red bean pancakes~

but that matcha azuki ice blend is irrestable for me~ craving also!