Friday, March 20

Like a dream come true

It's the Friday already, they say time pass fast when you're having fun. Hmm, not too sure how many would call waking up just before dawn breaks as fun, but we are more and less halfway through. This may sound too "Vitamin-C" but I am cherishing these last few days of classes with the M11 people. It truly is all mixed emotions for me because on one hand, it is kind of nice to go back to the the days without memorizing and assignments, while on the other hand, I know it is never going to be easy to be a 9-5 slave as well. Ah, I have to stop complaining since nobody forced me to sign that contract. I cannot wait to see the cash coming in but I dread of the loss of freedom.

Freedom to bake at the most random times or freedom to just sit at Starbucks for four hours straight, like today. I missed the alarm and woke up close to 9 this morning. All the starbucks this week is causing jeopardy in my purse but then I'll probably scrimp a little on the spending next week, after I get my discounted bakerzin cookies and cream cheesecake before the promo ends!

Dimsum dimsum dimsum lunch at Victor's Kitchen tomorrow finally!

Hope I have time to go for some ้›ž่›‹ไป” hunting too!


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