Thursday, March 19

400th post

Let's celebrate with my favourite track in the Twilight's soundtrack, shall we?

Bella's Lullaby - Carter Burwell

The DVD is out by the way but with the $27.90 price tag and the "current financial situation", I am still thinking about it. I will get it I think... I had a good day too, daydreaming through class and lunch, and then tried to complete my memo with green tea latte (finally!) at Starbucks, and then a HUGE surprise ้›ž่›‹ไป” snack. Haha, I like all the heart attacks.

Ended the day with a short but appreciated meetup with my juju and sweetie for our virgin trip to Noodle House Ken at Orchard Plaza for their ramen. How very satisfying! Totally worth the $13 with their bowl of too-good soup boiled for eight hours - which is free of MSG by the way, over-easy stewed egg, thick char siew pieces, and QQ noodles. The ambience was wonderful, perfect for long chats with lighting that is just right and free flow iced water. I wished I have a camera so that I can share better, but I've checked, I need at least 600$ for C905. =(

Was mentioning delun in conversations today and he msned me just awhile ago. What coincidence! I miss the RP people although it's been so long.

Thankful for my wonderful friends. Sob.

It's 12am and my memo is still not even 5-points worthy. Sobsss.

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