Sunday, March 22

Blueberry Muffins



How should I describe these? Hmm, they sound so boring but were more delish than the oreo ones because of the jam which were more flavorful and teased my taste buds more. Chocolate and 'heavy' stuff like cream and milk attract me more but sometimes I appreciate the lightness fruity flavors give. I have no idea what to doodle on top so just drew a large dot with the jam. Actually the reason why I ended up with these was because I happened to spot a jar of of blueberry jam in my fridge which has gone untouched by everyone in the family for months, and wanted to clear it. So, these few odd muffins were sort of an "accident" - totally unplanned. They proved how versatile the muffin recipe was though! I am definitely going to bake this again, for bright sunny mornings with a good book, and also to clear the jam...

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