Sunday, February 22


Tech-handicapped. That's how I feel these days.

I miss my trusty k770i because of how handy the camera at the back is. My current samsung one has been quietly serving me well, but the 1.3mp camera is practically non-existent. And I don't bother taking pictures with it. It has enough space for just one MP3 track.

I miss my Olympus camera although its shutter is speedy like a snail, and it takes real buang night shots. The thing I can't stand the most is how I have to make my friends hold their poses and smile-freeze for a tad too long. Still, it beats not being able to capture anything I want. Like now.

I miss my NDS because I don't play it anymore after I pretty much completed Diner Dash. I've been neglecting it after putting it in the pretty red case. It's been a long time since I updated it with exciting and new games that got me hooked so much then when I got it. I remembered how I missed train and bus stops because I was just too engrossed with my NDS.

But but...

IF I would to own a C905/ pixon pink/ F480 pink,

IF I would have a nice, speedy, responsive, sharp. dependent, camera,

IF I would just decide to be crazy and splurge on the Wii (!),

I think I can not buy bags and shoes for the next 30 months weeks and be very very very happy.



Looking at these makes me so happy like they're cookies.

Anyway, while I am dreaming of cash dropping from the sky so that I can get new toys, 命中注定我爱你 has me all hooked and I definitely need more than just time to finish the assignment and revision on time for coming Saturday.

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