Friday, February 20




We can't celebrate your 22nd birthday with you in SG, so make sure you have a faaabuuulous time on this day (and everyday!) in Arizona ok! Know that we are thinking of you everyday and laughing over your silly old jokes still Love you very much and can't wait for you to receive our present so that you can use it and sit on it (can fart on it but Kitty will be very ke lian) and think of us everyday! Ai ni! So happy that you're 22 now! Muuuacccks!

I managed to stick to my new year resolution of sleeping early at 11pm last night but failed just now because sis pulled me out of bed when I was already half asleep with my eye mask and ipod already so that we can watch Ah Long movie (yes, of all movies) together.

Nonetheless, it felt great to sit in front of the TV with her and snacking on chips and cookies, even if it's midnight, and laughing like nobody's business.

I want to bring my sis to XW again, although it means me treating her. I like seeing her eating a good and yummy meal haha. No more mango ice next time; we cannot finish it. But red bean ice still can order, because I will finish it. We shall go again before your birthday, when you hit level 40, before you start school ok! Please sleep early or else mom blames me again for you sleeping late everynight. It's getting quite annoying actually.


Cheap cheap movie tickets had me going haha-laughing and I had the luxury of catching "He's Just Not That Into You" this afternoon with Ah Chiu. How I miss such simple films perfect for wasting a weekday afternoon for! It's such a perfect show to watch with a girlfriend as well, just that I wish I watched this one earlier though... I just watched the trailer again at Chiu's blog and wish I can watch it all over again! We had more macarons prior to the start of the show some more! Hmmm, I love the chocolate and the pistachio and the coffee flavors so much.

Also, much much thanks to Chiu for using her $10 Shokudo with me at Heeren. I think I can never get the name right, had to even websearch for the right name. I got my azuki-matcha fix with their thick toast but thought the waffle one is better. Still, I had such a nice time sitting there and just chat the afternoon away with you, talking about the most random things, the weirdest people you know, the most stupid things I can't stop thinking about, the daydreams...


Dwell dwell dwell. I think I have enough of all the dwelling for the past week which has make me such an unhappy girl really. Coupled with all the late nights, assignment rush, "dayima", I think my grouch monster in me has been in charge full force for the past few days. What's better than staying at home and avoid stepping on anyone's toes right? But I think I have gained some nice insights from friends, who really taught me not to read too much in what other people do and just go about what I should do. Why should I care too? What others do is their own business and none of my concern? So what if they are people I care, and that I care? They don't. It's such a one-man show too much sometimes that I am tired. Tired of trying to make things work and pretend things are the same. Pretend. Bacause the reality is, things changed and they are not what they used to be, or what I hope they still are. I am already very lucky, with my fantastic family (who just fought over somthing trivial like fish soup but that's another matter) and my wonderful wonderful (x100) buddies whom I know I can really count on when I really do need the support on the few occasions I fall. I should not be so greedy already and just be thankful with what I have. Nobody can make everyone like her/him, and so... "what you think of me is none of my business.".

Gawd... I'm usually not such an emo monster I swear. I am really one happy kid who gets satisfied easily with the most simple things like red bean. The idea of one late round on the singaporeflyer sounds good now.

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