Monday, February 9


I suspect by the time I return to school/ work, I will scare everyone with my new found and very much unwelcome-d dinosaur appetite. All thanks to the whole load of CNY goodies STILL unfinished and all sitting there prettily at the living roon table. Yours truly has found such pleasure just sitting around and munch away every other activity on the to-do-list just sounds like a huge bore.

At least I finally have a spanking new and polished resume typed out. That's quite a start.

Anyway in case you don't know, today is 元宵节, aka the 15th day of the first lunar month, aka the last day of the CNY! And... aka the chinese valentine's Day. So I guess this calls for a celebration, and a reason to have a feast.

With what else. Hotpot again.

Those cheesy little stuff were pretty much addictive.

My duty is just to watch and then eat.

The only mushroom rep because the other types were not fresh.

I sort of miss the smelly and unfresh sliced fish in Bugis.

Dad's favourite. He's a real pro in making them soft and chewy.

Wish it was actually cold in SG.

I took just a sip and then remembered all the nonsense from Yello Jello.


That's actually my dad giving out mandarins and angbaos at an old folks' home. He actually had to impersonate God of Wealth 4 times this year in various places as a volunteer. Looking at the pictures for the first time made me laughed so hard! According to him, he did not have to put a pillow on his waist because of his belly! And I haven't even started on the eyeliner...

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