Monday, February 9

Hello, Kitty.

News start spreading last November how Kitty will team up with MAC with a range of new Hello Kitty cosmetics line and stirred interest in both women and young girls worldwide. Set to launch in the stores in Feb 12, Nordstorm has jump the line and has stated peddling the very gorgeous range, pretty much dominated by black and pink, online already. All the glossy black packaging stamped with the trademark Kitty face is proving too difficult to resist.

Hello Kitty herself has no mouth to model the lipsticks and lip glosses, but I doubt sales for the line will be brisk like hot and fresh rotiboys! The collection looks like it is geared towards both the sophisticated market and the young girls with glitter eye liners starting at USD16.50 to eye shadow quads at USD38. I am definitely keeping my eyes open on this collection as more are promised to come in the next three months of the partnership!

I will camp outside the nearest MAC store if I was still in the states... Too bad I am halfway round the globe but boy, am I tempted much. Come here, kitty kitty.

M·A·C 'Hello Kitty®' Beauty Powder - Tahitian Sand

M·A·C 'Hello Kitty®' Nail Lacquer - On The Prowl

M·A·C 'Hello Kitty®' Eyeshadow x 4: Too Dolly

M·A·C 'Hello Kitty®' Lipglass - Mimmy

M·A·C 'Hello Kitty®' Lipstick - Big Bow

M·A·C 'Hello Kitty®' Brush Collection

M·A·C 'Hello Kitty®' Doll

Buy me @ Nordstorm

"Think happy thoughts …and boys will buy you diamonds!"

- Hello Kitty

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