Tuesday, December 9

DAY 9, DAY 10

Shopping at Penn Square again, but this time we head straight to the mall section, straight to Charlotte Russe and the likes. Oh boy, I almost died among all that pile of clothing. Seeing Coach cheap cheap makes me go all "oohh and ahhh" so much that I was ashamed of myself. I am anticipating Grapevine in Texas this Saturday already! Emotional wellness much! But surely not well to the wallet...

Today is the first day of the second module, Personal Wellness, which I quite like. What's better than talking about exercising and eating healthy all day. The TV production was too much practical and more fun, so I think many of us were still not quite used to sitting down in front of a talking professor for the whole day. It was ironic though, as after being preached on all the healthy habits that we should take, my group and I went to Sonic for lunch. The weather today was great! Super sunny with strong winds. None of the chill I experienced for the past few days.

Heavy rains and snow is however expected this week. Crossing my fingers!

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