Monday, December 8


Highlight of Day 8 in OK was probably the cowboy parade, which was an eye-opener. We being the swaku Singaporeans whom probably only interacted with cats and dogs most our lives, were pretty fascinated with getting close with the horses. Langstons is a big shop selling everything you probably need to become a Yee-Har cowboy; it is famous apparently although it was the first time i heard of the shop yesterday. Attitude not for sale though.

I finally get my badly-needed retail therapy at Belle Isle, where the group I was in finally got a allocated time for proper shopping for the first since we reached OK. An hour in Old Navy was no joke and it was kind of surreal seeing and feeling the Old Navy wear instead of poring through the clothes virtually. I tried controlling my purse strings, and left with just a damage of USD39 in the end. Hope that was a good record still because I know very well we have not meet even better shopping places! Jeans were on a one-day special sale and retailed at USD12 yesterday. I tried on my usual size and was dismayed that I could not fit into it!

Bricktown again at night, but the trip was much better than on Fridee night because winds were not as strong and thermal saved our lives. Depressed that I couldn't fit in my usual jeans size and made myself feel better with pancakes. I think Ah Chiu would surely love those! Qingren was on her sugar high that night and I forgot my student ID! WTF. We went up to SKKY Bar a little too early at 9pm and ended up horsing around more while catching the beautiful erm... skyline of Bricktown.

"Suddenly intervention" of "spartic" goonies. oh well, what matters is i "have aten" good comfort food.

Haven't spoken to my dad for two days already, withdrawal.

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