Thursday, December 11

Day 12, Day 13


The much anticipated snow came! On Day 12, 9 December. It certainly was not what I expected. Being the swa-ku who come across real snow for the first time in my life, I was quite surprised to see that the snow came in tiny tiny flakes, or rather bits, like dandruff. Yeah, it was like the sky shaking its head and dandruff falling from the sky. The snow came in the afternoon at around lunch time I think.

We went to the Chickasha Festival of Light just now and it was a totally surreal experience! The lights were really beautiful. The whole set-up surely can't beat any Christmas program in Singapore. I was glad I went, beating the cold and taking pictures, or rather trying to using my camera phone. It was great having Esther's heat pack with me too; it provided much warmth. Hehe. The stopover for ice cream added a nice end to the evening!

My legs are sore from the daily jogs. I feel sorry for my chucks.

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