Saturday, November 22

Zoom zoom zoom!

Oh my, how I miss speedy speeds (if that makes sense)! So, I got my lazy ass off my bed early this morning, ok technically afternoon because I woke up post noon again - to head down to Sim Lim to zhng (I hate that word) my RAM. Weesan told me to go to this shop call "Best -something" and gave me the unit number but I was lazy to check before I left the house. So, I ended up searching each and every unit till I went all the way up to the fifth level! But then, it was worth the $70 because the laptop, which is no more snaily laptop, is now one fast machine! I boycott Cherries. Gimme my BMs. Roars.

Later, I had my steamboat dinner with the 38 gang, sans two members who were either busy with POP (no interest in knowing what this is) or the girlfriend. Ah, whatever. I'm more interested in the "new" member. Hehehehe. After the dinner, I had a long solo walk to Little India to take 147 home. No Cali with me -only sticks and ah bu nehs, and I survived the long busride without ipod with LA guidebook.

At the rate I'm going, I am going to collapse with a heart attack before I hit 30.

Bob your head along.

I want all their sweaters for Xmas.

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