Sunday, November 23

Run Baby Run

Full shift today at freeflowbread went pretty ok. I woke up a little cloudyheaded after owing my body some sleep because I got carried away online till 2. Mel and ShenJingPo were pretty high and energetic at work during the day - must be because I am leaving in five days. Five days! I can't believe I am leaving for the residency after saving for so many bloody years.

My stomach is in a serious cramp now, all thanks to Mr Bean pancake and Bo Bo Cha Cha at midnight. Speaking of which, nobody understands my obsession with Mr Bean. Boycott Jollibean and whatever Bean. Only Mr Bean is the best. Ouch, my tummy really hurts.

If I have some little extra to spare, I would go to the movies before I fly. I miss munching thick gooey butter popcorn and be entertained passively by a good show *mega sigh.

I am willing to tahan hundred times my cramps for these. Be mine, gorgeouses. Ouch ouch...

Givenchy* Cut Out Bootie
USD 765

I can walk in heels all day if my toes allow me. Flats make me stumpy (I'm a little teapot, short and stout), but I still love my trusty black flats to bring me everywhere.

Urban Outfitters* Silence & Noise Hooded Bomber Jacket
USD 128

I'm dying to have a black leather jacket and although the style is classic, it is getting a little too common. This hooded leather bomber may change my mind.

French Connection lee leather jacket
USD 568

I dig black, but I am aware how a white outerwear makes outfits stand out in crowds and this classic cut in white will do the job pretty nicely. Serious crush.

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