Monday, November 24

Aw, how cute is that room. With all that mess and clutter, it still looks pretty well, roomy. It has to be cute because it is exactly how my room resembles now. My drawers are all out too. I have simply no extra time to clear the extra stuff that are thrown in and out the luggage, but I will, right before I fly on Fridee morning.

I intended to fill just half of my luggage so that I will have ample space for the shopping and also not have so much of a hard time packing again at the end of the trip. It seems to be impossible now, with the space almost filled up without the track shoes. I got to stop bringing all that shitload of clothes over, but I cannot decide!

I met mom for lunch (in cartel HAHA, I can't believe it) and bought my shoes as well. I wanted to bring her to Lao Bei Jing high tea buffet but it started at 3pm, so had to missed it. Gonna use all my Mr Bean coupons before I fly too.

Should I spend all my travel funds now and starve in US?

Mulberry* Sandhurst

Mulberry* Elkington (again)

Mulberry* Bow Gloves

Mulberry* Maxi Mabel

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