Friday, November 21

"Time flies" - what an overused phrase by me, but I can't seem to think of another word to describe how fast time really whizzes by these weeks. It just seems like yesterday when I asked my dad whether I can switch channel to project runway last week, and it was a Thursday today, again!

This means the date is getting nearer. Till now, it still seems a little unreal that I am going to visit the States. I am a lucky girl really, and I am thankful. The dad and mom had spent so much money on me over the months and this month surely had taken a toll on their pockets. All I can do is to so my own part and try to use my money as much as possibe without asking from them I guess. I have shopped at so many Watsons these days, I am rather sick of them already.

Not being at home with the family is going to be quite scary but super exciting at the same time. Homesickness is definate and it doesn't help that the home computer is down. Nonetheless, the trip will be a good chance for me to take care of myself without the mom fussing over whether I ate/ shower/ am working. Pretty looking forward to this mini freedom actually.

After freeflowbread shift last night, I finally met up with sweetie and we had desserts at the kopitiam and chat over impromptu barcadi beside the big drain. Midway through, it began to drizzle and we continued chatting with an umbrella over our heads. Super kodak moment. I meant it when I said I could have sat there till dawn, just talking to you. I really appreciated that few therapeutic hours of simple chat.

Mee Siam, Char Kuay Tiao, Fried Hokkien Mee, Nasi Lemak, Fishball Noodles - have been gorging myself with good o hawker food because I think I will miss them for the 40 days. And I had popiah for the second day in a row.

Hopefully, no more procrastination and I will stick to my plan to head down Sim Lim tomorrow. Looking forward to hotpot-ing with the 38 gang as well.

I tried packing just now, and the bag's already full! I doubt I can lug all my milo/ coffee/ instant mee or else I can never make it to the states with a light luggage for shopping loot.

I hate staying up late till 2am every night.

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