Friday, October 10


Weekends - The Perishers

Fun and exciting list of things to do in the weekends
- Clear the stack of notes on my desk
- Settle my big birthday cake
- Catch up on 90210
- Stock up on Koko Crunch
- Clean the basket of week-old laundry
- Visit Chomp Chomp for my Hokkien Mee
- Get lost in Page One
- Draw new sewing patterns
- Make my blueberry cheesecake
- Call the lao po and see how she's doing
- Go grocery shopping at Vivo Giant
- Preorder Jay's new album
- Try Hooked @ Upper Thomson
- Meet Sweetie for coffee
- Cook chilli prawns and invite the gang to try

Oops. Cancel all that.

Agenda for the weekend
- Freeflowbread shift from 8.30am to 10pm - Saturday and Sunday!


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