Wednesday, October 15

I survived the weekend, it was a little crazy and maybe no-life working like that but it's over. The bank balance is in urgent need to be replenished as soon as it can with The Day looming nearer like the wave in "The Day After Tomorrow". Biscuit has called and asked whether I am available for another "double shift double weekend" (what a nice name). I was a little apprehensive at first but then, don't forget I am made of metal (and fats)... so I said "yes"!

Part of the reason is also because... Lenovo is letting me go early. Instead of working till the end of Nov, I am leaving three weeks in advance. I can already vision my November already, gonna be exciting.

Right now, it would be really wonderful if I have some spare cash on hand. Laptop needs a serious RAM upgrade so as to run smoothly with all the additions from my work laptop. My spectacles need a new upgrade with the "Exit" sign up there gets more blur each day, and the pair makes me look like Betty's twin. New pair of shoes needed because I have actually fell on my butt at freeflowbread before wearing the only two pair I own. And of course, whole month of free time means I can finally get to try out all the recipes I collected, and food means money. Oh, and try out new food! Provence at HV (even if I need to wake up 8am on weekday I am most willing), Love Confectionary at Bukit Merah, Changi Village, Hooked, Ooomphatico, PS Cafe at Palais, Victor's Kitchen, Cheesecake Cafe...

Of course, saving for tripping. Who can forget that?

More work more work to earn bread money..
And more knocking!

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