Sunday, October 19


Having going through a long twenty years, I would have never thought I will have the good fortune to mark this special day with my treasureed friends all at the same time and place. A most sincere thank you to everybody for coming and giving me the most special evening I had for the longest time.

I intended to give a small thank you speech but was too nervous then and anxious to distribute the cake. That is one small regret I had that night. Another being I did not take enough photographs and videos, especially with my char bors.

Special thanks..

1. Ah Chiu, Joyce, Mingwei, Baobao
Ah Chiu, thank you very much for making the detour and accompanying me to pick up and balloons. I feel so paiseh for making you sweat in your cute top from all the shifting of tables. I was so nervous at the beginning so it certainly helped you beside me. Thanks for helping me clear everything at the end. I love you to bits. I owe you more than just a pot of tea by the riversidePaiseh to Joycestick and Mineral for helping to blow the balloons. I love the "J" wall too. It was a little Paris Hilton-ish but still very cute. I really appreciate the efforts! Thanks for bringing JonJon! I will go for another huge feast at Holiday Inn with your vouchers! And thanks for bringing me Wentworth Miller... Thanks to Baobao for being in my mind through the party...

2. MDIS peeps
Nirwan - for coming so early! Greg - for making it here all the way from Eunos despite the blur directions given. Pamela - nice dress! ;) Esther - for the cute ang bao! I don't think I will spend the money hehe. Durga and JieYi - for giving me my chance to play host this time; I miss that night! ;P Durga, I love the shawl very very much! Jooo and Kay - I was waiting for you two, glad you two made it. I super duper love the necklace! Will treasure it and wear it to US ok!

3. Freeflowbread people
Thanks for bringing me Delifrance loaf haha! That was a real surprise. Too bad there was a shortage of cartel bread that night ah... It was great seeing so many of you guys sitting there. Thanks for coming and adding so much noise and laughter to the party.
XiaoXinXin, Felicia, Peggy, Rosa - Thanks for being early and the flower!
Mumu, Meimei, Ah Gal, Ah Pui, Ah Jiao - Thanks for comign although there is a morning shift the next day, and for the botaks, appreciate sparing some bookout time for me too!

4. Sweetie, JuJu, Kairong, Kelvin, Eric
The biggest surprise of the night! Thanks so much for the oven. That was two presents in one! I really appreciate all the efforts in bringing that thing down! Hehe. I love it! I promise that the first thing I bake will be just for you guys ok. Erm, tummy upsets medicine not included. I'm so sorry for not chatting with you guys enough. Hope you people had fun still! I truly hope our gang will be together still for a long time to come.

5. Jane, Eileen, Joy, Audrey
It has been so mnay years and I know I haven't been making the effiort to meet up with you girls as much as I should. Thanks for the drinking games cards which I believe will come very useful in US. I will make full use of it ;)

6. XiuXiu and Johnathan
Although you were super late, I still appreciate you dressing up and bringing me handbaked muffins! Very touched by your efforts still. Hope I didn't spoil your mani. Thanks for looking out for me all these while. We must not lose contact with each other ok! I look forward sharing the Chivas Regal with you soon! Hopefully I will get to attend the real party hosted by you two soon!

7. Kailian and bf, Kaiyun and gf
My favourite cousins, thanks for sharing the evening with me. I will always remember the little games we play when we get together when we were young, especially in the old Muar house. Thanks Kailian, for always being very helpful and kind to me. I always enjoy our little chats. Remember "north star"? Hehe.

8. All the uncles and aunties.
For coming to join in the fun and contribute very much to my US fund. I really don't bear to spend the money.

9. Last but definitely not least, my papa and mama and anan and didi. My motivation to carry on each and every single day, no matter how tough it seems at times. I believe we will pull through together. Didi, Jiejie received your letter just on time - that was the biggest present thanks.

Thank you for all the time, money, ideas for my day!

It's time to grow up.

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