Sunday, October 19

I love, and miss Sundays like this. Waking up to the soft sunshine outside... Lazying in bed until my pee couldn't hold back any longer and the garang guni man hollering outside... Going downstairs for a nice, upsized bowl of koko crunch in front of the telly in my PJs.

Nothing beats Sundays like this.

I'm worried about Monday tomorrow because Clarice will be out of town and I am supposed to cover for her. It doesn't help that I had to master her job scope in just two days notice. Thanks boss, that's was extremely kind of you to your slowpoke temp. I pray hard nothing screws up for the next two weeks so that I can leave the place with nice, good memories.

I was supposed to wash my laundry part II (part I done last night; it was a big load), reply didi's letter, go running, but so far nothing's done yet.

At least... I have ordered my contact lens, and some couple of black jackets online. All thanks to my lovely peeps for the ang bao money so I can do some bit of neccessary retail therapy. ;p I'm worried because I have not ordered the black booties and I'm already over-budget. From what I see, I'm going to have a most monochromatic wardrobe this season. And.. all the local online stuff are getting so boring. How are the store owners expecting us to buy from them when all are bringing in the same clothes? Same old poses, layouts, collections.

My mom is worried for me because I finished half a loaf of Gardenia within two days. Talk about deprivation...

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