Thursday, October 23

So I guess the birthday celebrations are pretty much over. Thanks to everyone for everything. It will certainly be memorable. So much so much food over the weekend. I promise my tummy I will do something to it once I leave lenovo. But... it's still quite a pleasure eating whatever I crave. I still need to go for the Holiday Inn buffet thanks to Joycie for the vouchers. This time, I will just skip the proper food and attack the desserts to avoid the empty dessert shelves like the previous time.


These are the muffins Xiuxiu baked. Obviously amateurish baking but that's why I liked it! I liked the sogginess of the raisins haha. I can taste all the homemade hard work, thanks girl! Hope they didn't spoil your manicure. Reminds me of the big box of chocolate chip muffins baobao baked too...

Mom steamed some buns on Saturday. So cute, but she say not to eat the skin of the buns. Gobbled all.

Secret admirer gave me a tiffany.

As if! It's from Straits Times Life cover, very cute.

Weesan bought Provence bread last week because he lives 5 minutes away from the shop and I lept bugging him to buy some for me. I would go and raid the whole shop, but there is only one branch at Holland V.

This is the signature bread according to him.
Savory Sesame bread with cream cheese inside.

These were super super good! I lightly toasted them before eating and they were super chewy. Chocolate was very sweet. Perfect comfort food. Proce was a little steep though, close to $7 for a pack.

My lovely cha bors gave me an encore birthday dinner at XinWang. I initially thought we were just going there for Mango Ice, totally didn't expect all the food we were going to have later.

Mee Sua! New favourite!

Eel Porridge.

My favourite favourite french toast. I love you.

Peanut butter + Condensed milk Thick Toast.
So riiich...

Mango ice.
Can I try the red bean ice next time?

After all that food, we still had the cake (which I ate almost half).
And the free plate of vegetables due to DBS card promotion.

It seemed like an never ending meal and I was so stuffed that I walked to 401 with AhChiu and then home. That also meant that I countdown to the official start of adulthood in the lift.

Happy birthday to me...

Yesterday, met Qingren at PS for waffle plus sharing erm.. good stuff.

And because it's early and I don't want to go home yet. Met Ah Chiu for late-night dinner.

We walked in the drizzle to Mad Jack. Desserts next time please. All looked very yummy. We had a productive chat on our big plan!

Very yummy salad.

Meeting my crazy 38 later for some shopping for her plus catch-up. Going to miss sewing again. Revision and assignment shall be shelved till next week.

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