Friday, October 24

I was super embarrassed yesterday. So I was there at Toa Payoh interchange, all tired and eating my cold bread and was walking briskly to the bread shop for more. I sensed this guy wearing shirt and pants walking towards me out of the corner of my eye. The first thought that crossed my mind was, "Don't you dare ask me to buy anything when I am on my way to buy bread..."

"Excuse me, excuse me..."

So I continued walking very fast and waved my hand and mumbled, "sorry" that sort in an auntie fashion. I am usually not that rude but I was super craving for more bread and wanted to get there asap. Hence I was very annoyed that he couldn't sense that I was not interested at all.


I looked up and then there was Jerald!

Damn pai seh.

Anyway, yesterday was quite a productive shopping evening. Got stuff I wanted but still lacking some and it sucks because I have already spent 10 percent of my angbao US trip fund already. I resisted buying the Bugis St bread loaf too because I know I will just finish half of it in the bus. No more spending!

Thinking of doing some baking with my new oven on monday.

May I have them all please please? Ok la, just the tan Elkington also can.

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