Monday, October 27

Plant imagery aside, we should speak passionately, but always with respect, even for those whom you may truly feel are wrong, or even who may have been disrespectful to you.

I worked for the whole weekend again, but I ain't complaining. I rather see the cash roll in. Ok I want to complain can? Super tired, calves are sore. I need the OSIM leg thingy. Oh what a pleasure to use it at night after a day of wearing heels and freeflowbread.

Oh my, SNL is really really funny. Please watch!

Deepavali shift tomorrow! I wish I can join in the celebrations with you (hehe), but so sorry I cannot. Have fun ok!

I bought the cookie premix with sis already and can't wait to check the new oven out. Working in freeflowbread is bad because I eat more than usual. It ain't easy abstaining from all the junk when you are being surrounded by them more than ten hours a day.

Tired x100.

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