Monday, October 27

Totally uncalled for. Why Nylon why? Why the skank?

Enough of unnecessary rubbish. That is why my mind is always so stuck - filled with junk.

Haha, I am totally polluting my beautiful blog but I guess you need more than some pretty food pictures.

I love you, but I cannot be with you.

I love him, but he cannot be with me.

I love her, but I don't think we can be together.

I just have too much love to pass around. We shouldn't be too selfish to just love one person.

I can't wait for my new life after 31 Oct. Firstly, I am visiting the good old library tomorrow evening and spend my entire block of time burying my mind with good books. I am pretty nervous.

I happen to find out that zyzzyva is a type of beetle. May I have one for christmas please? Or maybe I will name my future cat as zyzzyva.

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