Thursday, October 9

17th OCT, Friday, 6:30 pm

Because Jojotee feels like having a big big feast and wants to invite you to join her before she shuns birthday celebrations after the big two-one.

Huh? What day is it? I see whether I'm free or not first?
17th October, Frideeee

Aiyo, suay suay nothing on that day. What time?
6:30 pm - Late (depends on whether you want to help with the cleaning up)

Where is it? Don't tell me it's another chalet hor.
"The Rivervale" condominium. Function Room.

Never hear before leh. Near Rivervale Plaza is it?

It's besides North Vista Secondary School and Punggol Park.

Bus: 119, 82, 80, 88, 87, 89
LRT: Ranggung

I still don't know the directions. Can I don't go?

If still unsure, ask you dad/ mom/ uncle/ auntie/ grandpa/ grandma/ boyfriend/ girlfriend.

What food will be provided? I hope it's good.
The usual Asian 9-Course catering dinner, with mango pudding as dessert!

I am very broke. Can I come empty-handed?
Yes, you may actually. I will make sure you go home with empty stomach as well. (HEHEHE)

Just come ok! You don't have to be 100 pounds, I'm not gila like Nicole Richie.

If you really want to give me something which I'm sure you'd want to, just give me cash thanks. Ang Bao optional.

Is there a theme? Can I come in my doraemon costume?
Actually no theme leh. Someone suggested uniform theme, but I am not sure how feasible it is. You have any ideas please let me know! Maybe we should ask everyone to come in neon colours? Retro theme?

Any programmes on that night? Can I bring my twister mat?
Yes please! My only program that night is "eat" loh. So bring whatever barang you have!

Anybody that you want to sabo? Let me know too although I have no pool. If you want to sabo me, please let me know first too.

See you all there!

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