Wednesday, October 8


A*Mei's concert on 4 Oct.

It was super super high. I kept telling my shen jing po beside me how great it was.

One moment we will be super high, the other, super emo and low.

Completely drained at the end of the 3-hour gig. Pictures and videos soon...

Family dinner @ Tampines.

Uncle fetched us in his pick-up. So, we managed to catch the sunset. I missed the biking along TCP.

The Cze Char is pretty popular, with tables extending to every possible empty space. And the orders came super quickly despite on a weekend night - less than 10 minutes! I was very impressed and amazed.

Pig Trottle. Clypot Fish.

Claypot Three Wine Frog Leg. Fried Long Beans.

The butter crabs arrived 15 minutes later. I miss chilli crab, with zha man tou!

Curry San @ Compass Point

Fried cod fish with curry rice.

Curry was a so-so, rice was sticky enough. But then it was the company that matters.

Wafu sauce pasta with chicken.

The portion was miserable.

Ah Chiu with her chai tea, obviously upsized to the max.

Movie + Waffle-ing @ PS

Gelare waffle with 3 (!!) scoops, I love love mocha chip.

Qingren added 20 cents for the fruits, which are waaay underpriced in my opinion.

Laughed till I stomached and teared there.

I was supposed skip library trip and meet Qingren for Starbucks breakfast but she pang seh me last minute.

It's ok.. I could do with the extra sleep. Only thing is my body refused to go back to lalaland. So I woke up and made breakfast for my sister.

Ham and Cheese French Toast!

I still have Kairong's photos and concert photos to upload... Thumbdrive is sore and camera cable is missing, so I shall find some way.

Thanks to Joycestick: For going to movie with me although we are supposed to be saving now. For digging out the secondary school class photo. For the Bridge games at Grapevine, while waiting for the fries which always take forever to come. For being there.

Thanks to Ah Chiu: For offering to treat dinner although y0u are about to buy the whole F21. For being the patient-est person on Earth EVER. For putting up with my selfish nonsense. For listening to my never-ending grumbles (although I like to compress them too short and sweet for you). For sharing your Wang Wang with me. For updating me where the latest blog sales are.

Thanks to Qinren: For sponsoring me the waffle because I really needed it a lot then. For your funny moments which never fail to: crack me up and make me want to crack your head. For cancelling our starbucks breakfast so I can watch Oprah before going to work. For allowing me to steal your LJ cheese. For sharing lights with me.

Thanks to Sweetie: For the random sms-es at the most random times. For the daily joke of the day. For loaning me dramas for months. For the listening and the jiayous.

Thanks to Jooo and Kay: For the constant jiayous! For the talk on food during late nights.

Thanks to Ju: For the great organizing skills for dinners. For telling me what sprees you are holding. For the care and concern you show to everyone of us.

Thanks to Laopo: For allowing me to make you worry. For the hour-long talks which I always enjoyed tremendously although my throat hurts. For giving all the fun memories in July. For telling me all the happenings you had in US which makes it all seem less lonely. For being unreasonable at times so I can argue with you. For loving me and accepting me as I am.

I think I feel sort of balanced now. Till the next emo moment, I will be happy! (Dance around, burps, and skips off)

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