Tuesday, October 7

If you're feeling rich..

... maybe you would like to take a second look at the list.

But a friend just labelled me "materialistic" during gelare waffle-ing (which I disagreed), so I would make it as short and sweet as posible.

1. Funds for a better point-and-shoot Lumix or Ixus camera
2. Baking oven
3. Starbucks customisable tumbler
4. Salon voucher so I can rescue my hair before tripping
5. Winter Time brown-pink jacket (10% off!)
6. Yoga lessons/ Gym membership
7. New pair of spectacles
8. A big big surprise!

See, it's not such an exhaustive list. No photo frames/ chocolate/ bread/ Hello Kitty please. I still don't really like making birthday lists as I think they take away the fun in receiving gifts but then I include surprise in it so I guess it's ok haha. And with about 1.5 months to tripping, I guess I won't expect too much this year either. So... I completely understand if there are no presents. Seriously!

In case you haven't heard, I would like to invite you to eat with me! What else to do other than my favourite activity.

Details are here!

Thanks to the friends who cared enough. I am out of the emo bubble I guess.

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