Monday, September 8

These are probably the cutest dog shit bags. Ever. Period.

The weekends are finally over! Well, weekends make me feel shitty because I gorge myself far too much for my own good. So, what's better to get out of a routine than getting myself into another one - more work! Work at cartel drained me so much this weekend but with the unhealthy bank balance figure at the back of my head constantly, me thinks I should stop complaining. And yeah, the bread did help me to save. Should I be thankful? Enough of it already. I need real, proper food!

Paying for the flights and hotel rooms have been a real pain but still, I would like to say my thanks to the friends who kindly booked my share for me and allowed me to credit them first. I will work my ass off to pay as much as possible within the shortest time possible. I foresee more payments to be done, so no excuse for shopping now.

I realized I will never get to begin on my assignment unless I finish Hana Yori! And when I do, there is the sequel and the movie. I have not catch up on gossip girls as well, and I'm am still stuck at the first episode of 90210.

A hot warm spicy indian meal sounds good now. =(

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