Friday, September 12

It's the weekends! Time whizz by so fast when you are having fun busy.Yeah, I have been busy. Hmm with what? Working mainly. Working eats away your social life because number one, you have no free time to meet up with friends and two, meet up means spending money and I am not supposed to spend. In a few hours, the situation will be not that I should not spend, but of I do not have the ability to spend because all will go to the booking made for the trips.

And, on the way out of the house this morning, I eyed my mobile bill. Big red present from Singtel in the morning.

Me needs to save. No matter how enticing a nice expensive lunch at Bishan sounds on a rainy Friday afternoon, I have to stay indoors and make do with whatever I have. Maggi, crackers, apples, tomatoes, chocolate, bread. Going out = spend. Spend = no money in US!

Money is... "a neccesity but not a priority"!
As quoted from Mr Meatball Ng. Ha! How true, I agree completely.

I have a love and hate relationship with money. I always believe that 谈钱伤感情. 钱是赚不完的。 But we must still remember that 要拼才重要。Trying (using the right and ethical methods of course) is more important than you saying you cannot do it before you even test the temperature of the water. Am I making sense? Erm.

Say hi to my new lunch partner!
Very addictive.

I love my ah neh dinner at Riverwalk. So cheap I couldn't resist telling Wynnie about the place and she went the next day.

Round 1 - salad, crackers, potato

Round 2 - Bryani rice, Butter chicken, Masala Fish, Dahl, Mutton
Yes, I ate meat...

Naan! Hot and fluffy naan.
Apparently the naan is free flow, and I didn't know.

Vegetable Soup
Joycestick had xx bowls.

Cubes were simply called "sweets" - I like, they taste like condensed milk compressed.
Porridge thing is rice with milk (?) and ginger.
Balls - Super 'gao'. Sugar russshhh! Avoid the syrup at all costs.

All 3 were satisfying nonetheless.

Lenovo is making me fat with all the lunch buffets this week because the big bosses pay visits from overseas and we the poor workers here get to eat the lunch leftovers.

Anything to help me save money! And the food is pretty not bad... I love love the chocolate cream puffs!

Rina's supplier gave her a box of 9 mooncakes from Raffles Hotel. I am so glad I am in office for this instead of in class. Not your usual mooncake ok, they are....

champagne truffle mooncakes!

I am so in love....

Haha, a bit unappetising looking but the centre part is the essence of the whole mooncake!

I have made a date to go back to Tandoor next week already! Erm, operation detox postponed.

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