Friday, September 5

Once in a while, we chance upon hidden little gems. Thank all the goodness and loveliness in the world that I found you.

Now, why haven't I heard of this shop before? Local shops (imho) are so generic and tend to, or try too hard to be different - that they lack this special touch which makes you want to go back for a second visit. Sleepy Sam's was great; it is near downtown yet tuck in this corner that I can curl up with a good book till the dark skies rush me home for dinner with mommy.


之前让大家操心了, 真的对不起。
现在的我真的 free 了。

I think I am ready.

It's "Kids At Work" @ Lenovo today. I was expecting to see many mini monsters kids running around but surprisingly, it has been very quiet and peaceful... so far. The expected number is 69, but think I have seen only six so far. Where are all the xiao didi and xiao meimei? I think all are out at the lounge, must be a big playground there.

I have a super low threshold for low temperatures these days and get real bad headaches if the room temperature falls 26 and below. Don't ask me man, I know I cannot survive the OK temperature in December. I think I need to bring a carton of heat packs with me.

This is going to be the most un-happening weekend in months. Should I quit already? But I really need the money for my cheese fries cravings.

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