Monday, August 25

just because i am nice (haha) generally doesn't mean i am not entitled to my bitchy moments. not when there are far too much dramamama in my life. coupled that with the monthly business and you better not mess with me.

but then just to reassure baobao that i am not turning into some you-know-who clone, here are some photos showing what i do best. not enough? ok what should i add? some smileys? ^-^ maybe i should start following felicia chin and end every line i say with a =). or maybe i should do the lefty one cos it's more cute. (= yeah, do this post look cuter and friendlier now? maybe when i get a nose job like hers i will be too.


Vivo @ City Square
18Aug Mon

This is the first time i see an empty City Square.

Can i order everything?

Yeah, we booked the whole restaurant.

Not the Vivo Vivo.

Chip Chip Cheap!

Charisma is all you need to get free mushroom soup.

Pesto Mushroom Linguine

Cheesy Spaghetti. All wiped out in the end, minus coleslaw as usual.

RM3.00 Garden Salad

Sweet Cheesy! This is the best comfort food. Ever!

Volcanic Chocolate

Double Decker Chocolate.
Paled in comparison to the Sweet Recipes ones but the Volcanic was satisfying enough.

baobao, call me anytime you want ok. my phone will be on for you 24-7. only you will have the 冕死金牌 for waking me up at 3a.m. ok. i will be here for you always.

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