Wednesday, August 27

F1 passes!!


jealous jealous?! F1 passes leh! how much do they cost anyway? i don't know because i know i can't bloody afford them no matter how much i would love to be in the stands eating the racers' dust. jealous right? me too! because the passes are NOT mine. boo. i am also lenovo's employee. ok, technically i am not, but the management might as well book the whole block of seats for all the singapore employees, so... that everyone can enjoy together. this is more unfair than the dblo waiter letting the woman cut my queue just because she has bigger boobs than me.

i finally caught one leg, or at least the final leg, of the electrico's tour. home club is not bad, i like the alfresco area although i was inside for most of the while. the beer is expensive and i would rather pay more for my usual golden beer. poor qingren had to make do with her coke. next time i treat you something nicer la. next movie you treat ah. glad your marking is finally completing soon; i can't bear to see you lose more hair.

making of domestic goddess! sewing dressmaking is rather therapeutic actually. wed nights will be reserved for cheap cloth-hunting with ah chiu. no more drinkdrankdrunk nights, no more beerboarding action, no more tearful dramas.

but then, JIN is parking in butterfactory tonight! and it's free! whooo.

sorry if i sound a little crazy. it's lunchtime and my empty stomach isn't very pleased.

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