Sunday, August 31


ok i am officially broke. two years of savings handed over to some random mr ian sim today, and it's the first time i withdrew such a thick wad of cash from the ATM. i kinda like the minor tugging of the stack of fifties out of the slot. it was a bit of a heart pain but i am looking forward to the trip so much that nothing, including the high expenses expected, is going to ruin miss jojotee's mood. i have given myself-time to freeflowbread again because i really need the extra ca$h and i guess i really need the bread. i have had enough of going to bed on an empty stomach. it sucks waking up hungry. crankiness x2.

being broke is such a pain. i'm ok with staying at home or going to work most of the time but i think i have pretty gotten used to going out for drinks, shopping online during work, buying chocolates whenever i pass cheers - those kind of mindless spending. i can't believe i'm saying this but all the tightening-purse-strings-plans are going to get some getting used; i hate it. and as we speak, i am alternating between sgst and blogger. sigh sigh, i will try my best! at least i resisted buying a slice of guanaja today! no more chocolate.

i'm so in the mood for getting a nice wam full dinner waraku set these few days.. :(

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