Sunday, August 24

five reasons why the answer is no, you desperate.

1. do not ask me out when i am pms-ing and don't feel sexy.

2. do not ask me out when the bloody pay is not in yet. trust me, you wouldn't want to treat an eating machine.

3. do not ask me out when i know you are looking for a messy night. my life is rad enough.

4. do not ask me out when i was texpecting someone else. sorry, just your luck.

5. do not ask me out when it is raining outside. i'd rather stay at home swirling champagne and feasting on donuts.

sorry dude if i broke your poor little heart. go cry into your beermug. but if you handmake me sushi, i might reconsider.

and besides, i rather stay in bed and have three-hour conversation with my baobao. shit, i really want a candy empire spree now.

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