Tuesday, August 19

school is starting in... about three hours. how great, when we only have about three days of break. but then, i'm for school to start although i know i am looking forward yet dreading it at the same time.

updates updates anyways.

emomomo day out at vivo
19aug - wed

i took half day leave to complete my assisgnment and exam revision, but ended up in Vivo for gloria jean's.

when you are emo, and you know your friends are sick of your emoness,
and you don't want to confront your emo source because you know nothing will work out,

you run back to your mommy.

i still refuse to start on my assignment after reaching home. so after all the chocolates and slacking, instead of going drinking, go run with sister and watch the sunset together. ponggol park is actually very romantic at night.

cali, hope you are back at US safely! all of us here miss you!

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