Tuesday, July 1


mom: "wow can't believe she rejected him again. he's so nice to her somemore."
moi: "she is just scared to wed what."
mom: "you better don't learn from her ok. i want grandchildren one."
moi: --selective hearing mode--
mom: "i have it all planned out. you marry, have kids, then i will help you look after them when you go to work. you give me a little allowance every month and i will be your full-time nanny."
moi: "you wait slowly loh!"

my mom thinks getting a boyfriend comes naturally to every girl when they reach a certain age or go to somewhere new like uni. she thinks it's as easy as going out there, lock arm with any male on the street, pull him home and tell everyone he's mine. my ma is anxious for me, and i don't understand why. to her, it's like buying donuts. you crave for donuts and go to the nearest donut shop, and pick the most promising donut. for me, i will do research, see which shop garners the most raves, the pricing, the location - then go there to buy.

nope, i'm not anxious for a donut now. for now, if i walked past a donut shop, maybe i will take a look and buy one home. if there is nothing good that catches my eye, i move on (or buy a mr bean instead).

anyway, i like double chocolate. glossy glossy one please.
我的幸福兑换卷. 应该给谁呢?

it's girls night out tomorrow! no money to drink at cannery. i will probably drink the singapore river.

*** ***

Ah Gal's last supper hours before he went botak

Hot hot wedges with melted cheese..

Some expensive tea good for beauty, but not good for the wallet.

Some pizza thing with chicken inside. Best part is of course the melted cheese...

好 GAY 哦!

Bread Pudding!

*** ***

Greg Nudger's birthday lunch


Tic Tac Toe sandwich because i was craving for bread.

yeah, fat already still eat bread.

irene and her curry baked rice. she's very hungry.

desserts! sticky chewy chocolate. lovely fudge.

and the more lovely joanna.

*** ***

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