Friday, July 4

恨我来不及参于你的过去 抱歉让你等待

曹格 Welcome to My World 演唱会

i have completely no motivation to work today (luwen is too busy to visit my blog i hope) because.. it's a friday and 曹格 is coming in one more week! while he make his way here, i can only make do with pictures and videos i dug online.

sigh, i wished i can sit nearer to him. my camera is super lousy that i probably cannot see him with the mightiest zoom. if he doesn't sing a full version 沉默玩具 on 12july (ok and 無辜 too), i think i will go burn his record company (please please..). and i think i'm going to need lots of kleenex. all pictures from gfc.

Opening - Superwoman



世界唯一的你 & 沉默玩具

this is such a 15-year-old girl post but..
曹格 is coming in 6 more days!!

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